Barnabas Research and Training Institute (BRTI)


Barnabas Research and Training Institute (BRTI) is an independent research and training development consulting think tank –working at the interface between knowledge, policy and development practice as a social enterprise, dedicated to poverty eradication and social justice. The Institute is based in Lusaka Zambia and was founded in 2000. 

BRTI transform development thinking and shape public understanding of what development is, who drive it and how it can be achieved. The Institute promotes a better understanding of poverty-related development issues and analyses development policy and practice and its impact in improving people’s livelihood. BRTI believes poverty is an injustice that should be overcome and overcoming it involves changing policies and practices nationally and internationally. 

Our Vision: A global south without poverty where people enjoy economic freedoms, human rights and social justice.  

Our Mission: Bridging the gap between theory and practice and transform development thinking through influencing policy and development practice using evidence-based research; support professional development for social justice and poverty elimination in Zambia and throughout the global south. 

Key Persons