Bratislava Policy Institute


BPI, as Slovakia's inaugural research civil society organization, has garnered notable acclaim by attaining the prestigious Erasmus accreditation within the youth domain. The fundamental tenet of its operations revolves around the broad dissemination of research knowledge and findings derived from antecedent projects via a diverse array of educational pursuits. BPI exhibits ingenuity in its pedagogical approach, actively engaging both younger cohorts and adults by leveraging various mediums, including mobile applications, board games, graphic novels, and cross-sectoral train-the-trainer programs.

Throughout the preceding quinquennial interval, BPI has diligently cultivated an extensive cadre of external trainers, boasting multifarious expertise spanning a wide spectrum of thematic and sectoral domains germane to the organization's activities. This expansive network encompasses trainers hailing from both the public and private spheres, adroitly specializing in combatting the proliferation of counterfeit news and disinformation, cultivating adeptness in project composition and administration, delving into the intricacies of social movements and the tenacity of societal resilience, scrutinizing the manifold facets of extremism and radicalization, fostering proficiency in media literacy, financial acumen, climate literacy, and an array of other cognate subjects. The invaluable contributions proffered by these trainers serve to advance BPI's mission, augmenting the quality and efficacy of the organization's pedagogical endeavors.

Bratislava Policy Institute team has long-term experience with preparing, conducting, and elaborating research and work with quantitative and qualitative data. We collaborated with most of those focused on social research - Focus agency, AKO agency, GFK agency, Markant agency and STEM agency in Czech Republic. Our best experiences with FOCUS agency – the profile of the agency and reputation speaks in favour of cooperation with them. Bratislava Policy Institute is well-suited to elaborate data as well on software SPSS+ on all first and second level of data analysis and multivariation analysis.