Centro Cooperazione Internazionale


The Centro Cooperazione Internazionale (CCI) is a non-profit association and research centre engaged in the analysis, information, training and promotion of knowledge on international cooperation, European affairs, peace, and human rights. The CCI promotes the coordination of initiatives and actors operating in international cooperation, enhances the specificities of local experiences, and fosters their international projection.

It is structured in two departments that combine expertise in global citizenship education, journalism, and research to further connect local realities to the international context: OBCT is the operational unit working on European affairs. It runs the non-profit online media www.balcanicaucaso.org and boasts an extensive record of research, in-depth reporting, multimedia production, and social media campaigns. CSG is the operational unit focused on building capacities of organizations and people engaged in international development, and on enhancing global citizenship education locally and abroad, working with multipliers such as teachers and educators.

CCI relies on a multidisciplinary team of professionals: researchers, journalists, data analysts, web developers, designers, as well as trainers and training officers.