Development Solutions Associates


Development Solutions Associates (DSA) Center is a think tank with special focus on applied research on social and economic development. It was registered as an NGO/NPO in Albania in 2006. DSA provides applied research and advice for international organizations implementing development projects in Albania and for the government to guide evidence-based policy-making. DSA has a team of international and local researchers with diverse and complementary skills, combining their practitioner and academic backgrounds. This enables to complete highly professional research oriented mainly towards problem-solving.  

DSA team has implemented projects for various international institutions such as World Bank, FAO, ILO, UNWOMEN, USAID, SNV, EBRD, EU, GIZ, Open Society Foundation, Swiss Development Cooperation, Italian Cooperation, etc. Since it was established, DSA team has produced more than 50 technical reports while DSA team members have contributed to about 100 scientific publications. 

Key Persons