Diplomacy Scholars Association of Kenya (DIPSAK)


DIPSAK is a professional association registered on 27/9/2019 with registration no.R.52349. The association has a membership of 70 professionals drawn from the disciplines of international studies, diplomacy, international conflict management and political science. The membership is composed of professors teaching at universities, practising or retired diplomats and fully registered PhD candidates in the respective disciplines. DIPSAK’s overall objective is to provide a platform for research, publishing, scholarly debates and interaction with policy makers and the society at large in the area of international affairs. Specific objectives are to (i) promote research and publishing in all matters regarding international affairs, (ii) engage in policy debates regarding all aspects of international affairs, (iii) training and capacity build its members in areas of diplomacy and international conflict management. Dipsak’s research work is focused on its ten thematic areas: (a)Geopolitics in the Horn of Africa, (b) International conflict resolution and reconstruction, (c) Sustainable Development Goals, (d) African Regional Integration Agenda, (e) Environmental Diplomacy, (f) Health Diplomacy, (g) Africa’s Debt Question, (h) East Africa Regional Integration, (i) Peace Diplomacy, (j) Kenya’s Foreign Policy. Dipsak collaborates in research and training activities with the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies of the University of Nairobi and the Center for Public Sector Reforms (CPSR) of Moi University.

Key Persons