Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC)

Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC) is a think-and-do-tank that brings to light the most pressing economic issues confronting society and provides thorough analysis on economic issues, based on the research and examination of the best international practices, develops recommendations for good governance and encourages stimulating public debate and education. Established in 2002, EPRC today has a reputation as an objective, reliable and non-partisan source of information on the issues related to economic, financial, and social policies. EPRC supports the development of democratic values in the country. Thus, in cooperation with the McCain Institute, holds an annual Tbilisi International Conference, which unites international policymakers and opinion shapers. To further the democratic development in the country, especially among the younger generation, EPRC has founded Fukuyama Democracy Frontline Centre, which envisions a wide spectrum of freedom fighters, human rights activists, and democracy advocates throughout the European and Eurasian region, coalescing around the fundamental values of democracy. Additionally, the Economic Policy Research Centre with Stanford University Center for Democracy, Development, and Rule of law, holds the Leadership Academy For Development (LAD) program, which trains government officials and business leaders from developing countries. The aim of the LAD is to create a constructive force that will benefit economic growth and development. Every year, LAD academy trains 30 young, aspiring individuals, who have the potential to become change-makers. 

Key Persons