Instituto de Geografía, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


The National Autonomous University of Mexico is a public research university in Mexicofounded (in its modern form) in 1910. It is the largest university in Latin America, with over 360 thousand students. It ranks 105 on the QS World University Rankings. 

Within UNAM, the Institute of Geography is where cutting edge research on geography is conducted. The Institute was created in 1943 and is the oldest geography research centre in Mexico. Its team of ninety-two academics produces interdisciplinary research on physical, economic and human geography. It counts with experts in demographic geography and urban geography.

The institute participates in twelve undergraduate degree programs (including geography and urbanism) and three postgraduate programs (Geography, Urbanism and Earth Sciences), where approximately seventy-three students graduate each year with a Masters or PhD degree, and counting with one of the Institute’s researchers as thesis supervisor.

Key Persons