Universidad Valparaiso


The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso is one of the most prestigious universities in Chile, belonging to the nucleus of universities of the Council of Rectors, which represents the main body that coordinates higher education centers at the national level. Founded in 1925, it has a total of 17 doctoral programs, and is positioned nationally among the main university rankings, demonstrating quality and capacity in teaching and scientific research. The Institute of Geography, in which the academics in this proposal participate, is a research center of excellence that carries out research, teaching and academic extension. Among the main research projects underway at the Institute of Geography is the millennium project "Mobility and Territory - MOVYT" www.movyt.cl that brings together leading researchers in social geography to understand from the perspective of mobility and territory the processes of social and economic transformation, one of its lines of research being studies on informality.

Key Persons