University of Antioquia


The University of Antioquia (UdeA), founded in 1803, is Colombia’s oldest public higher education institution and remains the second largest one in the country, with over 37,000 undergraduate students, 3,800 graduate students, 25 academic units, 91 undergraduate programs, 54 master programs, 46 medical degrees, 25 doctoral programs and 11 campuses covering all zones of the state of Antioquia. Its main campus is located in the scientific and technological district of Medellin, the capital city of the Department of Antioquia, which is recognized as a model for its culture, education and urban development in Latin America. Thanks to its direct contact with the social and territorial reality, the UdeA has achieved a remarkable production of knowledge, allowing research advances on tropical diseases, natural resources, biodiversity, socio-political processes, territory social construction, integration of social minorities, as well as cultural and artistic expressions.

Key Persons