Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, University of Split


“University of Split, Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism” or “Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism Split” (FEBT Split), founded in 1974, has 45 years of experience in higher education as a legally independent part of the University of Split. Currently, FEBT provides study programs in Economics, Business, and Tourism at all levels (from undergraduate to postgraduate). In 2020, FEBT had a combined undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate student population of about 2.500 students. FEBT signed 62 agreements in 22 countries within the ERASMUS + program and 48 bilateral agreements with institutions in 24 countries. The number of publications indexed in the WoS of the FEBT researchers is increasing (44 in 2020). By participating in numerous scientific, commercial, and EU projects, the FEBT has been a leading think tank in the Adriatic region for years. FEBT and its researchers are proactive in establishing domestic and international research collaborations, reflected in the number of completed scientific development (EU) and commercial projects. In 2020, FEBT was actively involved in nine EU-funded projects

Key Persons